Welcome To KC Banquet Center

Welcome to the website of the KC Banquet Center. When KC Banquet Center is in charge of your event, you can count on it being a special and unforgettable occasion. We specialize in private and corporate parties and can provide either full catering services or some of our specialty dishes for the perfect menu.

The KC Banquet Center is conveniently located off of West Michigan’s main highway, U.S. 131, on Clyde Park between 68th Street and 54th Street. It is easy to locate, and there are a variety of hotel and other accommodations in the area for your out-of-town guests. We offer free parking for any guests who will be arriving at your event.

Additionally, in June of 2019, two more hotels will open to the south of our location and be available for guests. Both hotels will border our property and combined will offer 1,200 rooms for rent. One of the hotels will feature a kitchen in the room. The other will be a Holiday Inn Express (standard room). Your guests will be able to park at the hotel and walk across the parking lot to our event center. They can, if they prefer, park in our parking lot which will be a few feet from these hotels.

KC Banquet Center is the right choice for planning conventions, press events, holiday parties and more. Our elegant food and entertainment is perfect for company parties, special events, and holiday celebrations. If you have any questions or need more information about the services we offer, please call us at (616) 531-9179.